Proposed Vision for National Salvation (Foreword)

March 20, 2010


The current situation in our country is heading towards very serious consequences threatening its political and social structures. This comes as a result of a current comprehensive national crisis, which is rooted in clan-based centralization and in the nature of policies and practices adopted by highly personalized autocratic regime. These policies are characterized by being random and dominated by an individual jumpy  mood, which never stopped from destroying the foundations of national, social and moral structures and devastating  the country’s inherited and historically accumulated nascent institutions. All institutional traditions have been replaced by rampant chaos invading different aspects of life.

The real deadlock for  the country lies in the fact that the regime has lost its ability to provide any serious and realistic solutions for these crises and it refuses to adopt  any serious reformative policies or actions. The solutions adopted by the regime all come in two forms:  promises that lost their credibility ;and the negligence, denial or creation of new problems that overshadow old problems. Moreover, such wrong approaches and practices in solving problems by creating more problems and treating a disease by a severer disease is adding complications and aggrevations to the situation. Such a thing exacerbates the seriousness of crises and their grave ramifications.

This complex crisis, which is threatening our present and future, did not appear on the surface overnight with no signals of warning. Instead, its factors accumulated gradually until it reaches the current stage in which only more effective collective national political action from outside the current authority can make a difference.

The PCND, feeling the looming catastrophic dangers threatening the future of the people and  homeland, has discussed with high sense of responsibility the accelerating and exacerbating trends of the overall national crisis with its political, economic and social aspects, and analyzed different serious political initiatives and visions proposed to relief the country from the current situation from different political, social and national forces and figures . The PCND eventually concluded that the last-chance option before all Yemenis to address this national crisis is to have active political and social forces assuming their national duties to accomplish a national program for change that rescues the country and prevents the gloomy consequences of the current macabre crisis. The aim is to achieve security and stability in a country were the dignity of Yemeni people, their freedoms and rights are respected as well as the restoration of respect to the principles and goals of the Yemeni revolution and for the noble national democratic choices agreed upon by Yemenis in the 22nd of May 1990 as firm options. On top of these choices is the principle of national partnership, the political and partisan pluralism, accepting others, rejecting despotic and autocratic rule, oppression and violence, and promoting institutionalism, the rule of law, equal citizenship and participation of people in authority, resources and decision making.

There is no alternative for confronting this crisis and relieving the country from its repercussions except, by mobilizing and gathering national efforts so we all together form a peaceful change leverage releasing the country from the hands of dominant despotism and corruption. A new social contract needs to be formulated to bring together and establish a modern Yemen institutional state in line with standards of modern states through the following:

  • Adopt dialogue based on national partnership between all forces and parties, as an approach, to reach a common vision and mutual understanding for the nature of current crisis, proposed solutions and mechanisms of implementation in Yemeni reality. The agreed upon solutions need to reflect the spirit of the whole Yemen not the wishes of a certain trend or group.
  • Undertake to work to bring dialogue into success and implement its results and solutions as well as the strict adherence to peaceful struggle means rejecting slipping to violence and its repercussions.

According to the above, the PCND presents to all Yemeni people and its political and social forces its proposed vision including:

  • Section One: diagnosis of the national crisis, its roots and aspects.
  • Section Two: Broader and specific approaches for solutions.
  • Section Three: Implementation mechanisms.

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