Proposed Vision for National Salvation (Introduction)

March 20, 2010

The cover of the proposed national visionIntroduction:

The Preparatory Committee for National Dialogue (PCND) with its diverse political and social forces and figures, parties, organizations, businessmen, scholars and intellectuals, opinion leaders, women and youth leaders, hereby presents to the Yemeni People, its diverse groups and forces, political and social components and to all parties, organizations, social figures and forces participating in the forthcoming dialogue conference, this national dialogue-based vision, which contents were drawn by the National Consultation Forum with inputs from the Preparatory Committee established by the National Consultation Forum (NCF) via a process of serious and responsible discussions. This vision comprises the following components:

First: An objective diagnosis of the current crisis:

The root cause of the crisis in the country  lies in the highly personalized and autocratic regime which converted the Yemeni state from a political national project into a family narrow project. This resulted in the diminishing and wasting of the struggle and sacrifices of the people of Yemen. It also neglected the gains of the Yemeni revolution and the purport of 22 May 1990 peaceful unification. The vision detects the roots of the crisis and show how legitimacy, both constitutional and legal, was demolished. It also illustrates how potentials for peaceful change, through free and fair elections, were blocked, and  how corruption was unleashed to swallow the resources of the country and the social and economic rights of citizens. The crisis was eventually exacerbated, expanded and developed with the spread of political, administrative, economic and financial corruption. This corruption is mainly produced by the continuation of autocracy, and highly personalized state that is based on primordial ties. There is a lack of an institutionalized  nation-state and good governance. Hence, the crisis reached its climax with unprecedented unrest in southern governorates. This outrage comes as a result of the policies adopted by the regime in the aftermath of the war. There is also the recurring outbreaks and continuous expansion of war in Sadah since June 2004. Today, we are witnessing the sixth round of the war that is deepening the pain and suffering of this disadvantaged governorate.

This diagnosis of manifestations and trends of the overall crisis in the country is not only to raise objection against the current situation. It is rather a national effort, that aims at creating concrete solutions and remedies for the real causes producing this crisis. It aims at taking the country out of the misery and entanglements of the current situation and its consequences. This current state of affairs is an indicative of expected disasters, the least of which for the country is to become a failing  or completely failed state.

Second: Emergency treatments and solutions

These emergency treatments and solutions were determined in light of an objective diagnosis. The essence of these solutions is to work towards creating a national unity and  consensus capable of instigating the change necessary for the preservation of the state and the restoration of the principles of the peaceful 22nd of May 1990 unification. It aims at reinstating the goals of the Yemeni revolution.

The first step for comprehensive national solutions for deteriorating conditions affecting the vast majority of people in different parts of the country, beginns first and foremost, by halting the steadfast march towards collapse, and by calming down ongoing conflicts through:

  • Ending the bloodshed in Sadah
  • Implementing a fair and comprehensive solution for the southern question in its political and legal demands. The solution should put the south in its natural place as a real national partner in power and wealth.

The rebuilding of the state on sound basis shall immediately come after this to achieve national partnership and peaceful exchange of power and, thus, prevent the country from falling once again into the quagmire and dark tunnel that the current regime pushed it into.

This vision contains elements related to improving state building, with technical details relating to constitutional issues, the shapes of the state and  the political system, and economic and education issues. These aspects shall be subject to discussion and exchange of views. Furthermore, national technical conferences shall be held for competent and experienced people for consultation and generating appropriate recommendations for the national dialogue.

Third: Implementation Mechanisms

These mechanisms shall be based on dialogue and all forms of peaceful struggle. This is in addition to the implementations mechanisms to be identified by the National Dialogue Conference (NDC)

The PCND, while presenting this vision to all people of Yemen, calls upon all citizens to shoulder responsibilities for salvation and change. The PCND hopes this vision will be met with interaction in terms of enriching comments, corrections and suggestions from everybody. We pledge before Allah to work with all legitimate and peaceful means to bring into success and to implement the solutions resulting from the NDC in order to achieve a situation where all rights are maintained.


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