Proposed Vision for National Salvation

March 20, 2010

Section Three: Mechanisms

Dialogue and other forms of civil actions and peaceful struggle are the mechanisms promoted by the PCND and its methodology in putting this vision into action for the purpose of saving the country from this crisis and moving it towards brighter future. PCND considers this mechanism as a national commitment and undertaking that it announces in association to its vision. These commitments represent, in essence, the general principles for the national political action to which all parties agreeing to the salvation and change vision agree and undertake to work on these commitments with the Yemeni people as the people of Yemen are those having the real interest in salvation and change. Such commitments will represent a liability towards Allah and the people as an irrevocable contract through the following:


Adopting mechanisms of national comprehensive dialogue through which this vision, along with its diagnosis of the crisis and proposed solutions are communicated to all people of the country to inform them about this vision and to create a national consensus around it through diverse and comprehensive dialogue. This visions hall be considered as the national alternative for releasing the country from its status quo. This mechanism entails the following:

  • Inviting parties to the national crisis in Sada and southern governorates and those parties abroad to a serious national dialogue.
  • Invite the authority to be involved in the national dialogue in order to come out with an agreement that revives the principle of peaceful transition of power and ensures conducting free and fair elections.
  • Preparing for a wide national conference representing the people of Yemen and its communities to review, discuss, approve and enact the results of the dialogue in the form of resolutions deriving their legitimacy from the peoples’ legitimacy and to seek appropriate peaceful means to implement the resolutions.


Adopting peaceful national democratic forms of struggle by all parties to the PCND. Mobilizing and gathering organizational, political and materials resources to support national dialogue initiatives and events and achieving peoples’ consensus on the national salivation vision under the constitution and law making the task of defending the country as a duty on all Yemeni citizens.

Third: Mechanisms for qualitative communications, intellectual and media interaction to expand the scope of support for the salvation, change and national development and reforms solutions reaching to a stage where a national community-based framework is formed with peoples’ support encompassing all elements of the Yemeni society to work as a guardian for the state from collapse.


Mechanisms for managing the continuing the struggle following a time schedule defining stages and steps, harmonizing mechanism and mobilizing recourses for their optimum utilization.

These proposals of practical mechanisms are only providing an overview of the actions required. Each mechanism needs further elaboration. The obligations and responsibilities on this national framework are enormous. These proposals come to fulfill the promise of heading towards national change through these means and to ensure the support of Yemeni citizens inside and outside the country for this path.


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